How to spend an Amazing 24 Hours in Melbourne.

Thirty Summers

So you find yourself in Melbourne with a day to explore. Fantastic! Follow this itinerary, or simply select parts of it, to truly immerse yourself in the world’s most liveable city. Or if you are a fellow Melburnian you are bound to discover some new ideas to try out. As Marcel Proust once said…

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes!”

24 Hours in Melbourne. Explore, unearth, taste and experience.


Up, up and away.

Something that very few visitors, and perhaps even fewer locals can say is that they have witnessed Melbourne wake up. A city of close to five million people doesn’t subtlety awaken. Lights go on, people emerge, trains and trams buzz and cars begin to hit the roads.

However you can rise above all this hubbub and get a birds-eye view as the city stirs. Quite literally! A hot air…

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