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Very Weird Experience alias once hahahhaa

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Kenapa yak nasib gue dan temen gue, Ayu, apes bener kalau pulang kantor naik bis bareng.

Kejadian menyebalkan pertama kira2 sebulan yang lalu. Namanya perempuan ya, kalau udah duduk bareng mesti ngoceh, cerita ke sana kemari ngalor ngidul. Mulai dari hosip (gosip) berita yang lagi hits, bos di kantor, cerita tentang temen, apa aja deh yang bisa dibahas kita bahas. Malam itu seperti biasa gue sama ayu cerita2 lagi di dalam bis perjalanan ke blok m. Pas di daerah dukuh atas ada pengamen dua orang,  masih anak2 tanggung naik bis kita. Mulai deh nyanyi gonjrang gonjreng ga jelas nyanyi apa. Gue sama ayu tetep asiiik aja cerita. Lama-lama Ayu mulai notice nih, karena dia duduk di pinggir kan (yang lorong orang jalan), itu pengamen mepet2 terus ke Ayu dan kayaknya sengaja, sampai Ayu duduknya jadi maju beberapa centi. Tapi karena cerita kita lagi seru2nya, yaa ga terlalu mikirin itu pengamen…

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Kiss The Rain by Yiruma

Yiruma is a south korean pianist. I just found this video yesterday though I have had heard his song very long time ago but I had no idea who is the one plays the piano instrument? I like all of kind of music, include the instrumental music but I only know Richard Clayderman as a pianist hahaha. So, when I found there is another famous pianist and he came from Asia, I little bit surprise, but Yiruma studied his music in abroad (England), so I am sure it was affect his skill in playing and composing the song.

I think ‘Kiss The Rain’ is about a sad song, the story of losing for someone s/he love. You can feel how sad this song though you do not know the lyric. Just enjoy one of his best songs

Kisah Memilukan Sang Proklamator di Akhir Kekuasaannya…

Nangiiiiiiiis hatiku :((

Di momen 68 tahun kemerdekaan Indonesia ini, ingin saya bagikan sebuah kisah memilukan dari The Founding Father Soekarno pada masa-masa akhir kekuasaannya. Semua jasa dan perjuangan Soekarno seakan tidak ada nilainya jika menyimak kisah ini. Bagaimana kisahnya ? simaklah di bawah ini :

Tak lama setelah mosi tidak percaya parlemen bentukan Nasution di tahun 1967 dan MPRS menunjuk Suharto sebagai Presiden RI, Bung Karno menerima surat untuk segera meninggalkan Istana dalam waktu 2 X 24 Jam. Bung Karno tidak diberi waktu untuk menginventarisir barang-barang pribadinya. Wajah-wajah tentara yang mengusir Bung Karno tidak bersahabat lagi. “Bapak harus cepat meninggalkan Istana ini dalam waktu dua hari dari sekarang!”.Bung Karno pergi ke ruang makan dan melihat Guruh sedang membaca sesuatu di ruang itu. “Mana kakak-kakakmu” kata Bung Karno. Guruh menoleh ke arah Bapaknya dan berkata “Mereka pergi ke rumah Ibu”. Rumah Ibu yang dimaksud adalah rumah Fatmawati di Jalan Sriwijaya, Kebayoran Baru. Bung…

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A Letter To My Imaginary Child

Good to read 🙂

The Laughing Phoenix

I don’t have a child. Not that I don’t want one, but I guess the stork hasn’t gotten the instruction yet. Or it got lost in Riau smoke. God knows.

Nevertheless, at my I age I start to feel parental instinct. That I wished I had a child to talk to. Or to write to. To share what I learned so far living. And hence I am writing this letter. This is a letter to my imaginary child. But perhaps, it could speak to other people’s real child too 🙂

A Letter To My (Imaginary) Child

Dear Son/Daughter,

Let me start with an apology

I am sorry you were not brought into a perfect world

Instead, you were born into a place full of suffering, of natural disasters, but worst of all, you will be living among humans full with faults, same as you.

But let me assure you, that…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


What does selfie mean? According to Oxford dictionary (online), definition of selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. Unfortunately, recently I just found out that many of my friends have a misunderstanding about selfie means. They thought selfie is the photograph of oneself (without being accompanied by others) and it has taken by others. So, everytime I upload my photograph and receive a comment from someone who has a misunderstanding about selfie, I’ll try to correct their understanding and give their an explanation about selfie means. I think it is necessary for us to understand about what we say. So, please correct me if I am wrong.

Talking about selfie, I am not used to do that kind of thing. As I remember, if I try to make a selfie, the result always not satisfactory at all. But one day, when I went to some places by myself, there are only 3 options if I want to capture the moment. First, I could only take the picture of the beautiful view of that place. Second, if I want to have myself in the picture, I could ask someone to take my photo, but it is a little bit annoying I think. So the last option is selfie, I have to take my own picture by myself. So that I try to make selfie. I try so many times to get at least one good picture, but as you can see (the above photograph) the photo is still not good. Then, though (perhaps) it was a little bit annoying and embarrassing, I ask anyone I meet to take my photo :D. In my opinion, to memorize the special moment,  I would ask someone to help me in taking my picture rather than I make a selfie with bad result because the moment itself will never be repeated.

It’s Okay To Be Afraid

The Laughing Phoenix

It’s okay to be afraid. It’s how you recognize courage.

It’s okay to have doubts. It’s when you learn to have faith.

It’s okay to fall. It’s how you learn to rise.

It’s okay to be defeated. It’s where you learn how to win.

It’s okay to be in the dark. It’s how you see the flame.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It shows you the way to mastery.

It’s okay to get scars. They are Life’s medals of adventures.

And when you came out from trials and tribulations triumphant,

It is now your privilege and duty

To find a wounded soul, and tell him

“It’s okay….”

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Love Letter

Dear You,

I know it is crazy but it has been a year I think since I started to get a crush on you. Your simple tweets and jokes could really make my day. I stuck in my own imagination which I thought it could become a reality.

So sorry if I love you but I couldn’t stop this feeling at this moment. I thought it was only in m dream, but it hurts me when I know that you already with somebody else. It is my first time to say “I love you” to the one I like. Yes, it is true, I really care about you. I really want to see you happy and healthy in your life.

So if I definitely do not have a chance to get your love back, I think I will survive. The broken part is only my heart and I think I could gather all the pieces.