It’s me!

I do not know that I like to write about something, but I know for sure that I always write what I feel about in my own personal diary since my childhood (yes, I still keep those). But mostly, all the written is about love :D. When I started to know the internet, I began to make a blog, then again mostly I wrote about love, it is never ending issue I think.

My first blog was not in word press, I am not a kind of active writer, so maybe only twice in a month I posted my writing. It was so lonely in my previous blog, no one came, no one gave a comment. Then, in the mid of 2009, I decided to write in English so that I could practice my terrible english πŸ˜€ (hope whoever read my blog would understand my language).

Writing for me is for therapy, friends say that I’m thinking so many abstractΒ  things in my mind, so they told me to do the writing to make my brain works less easier :)). By writing I could know more about my self as well because I use my feeling in my writing.

I also like to take a picture though I have not (yet) a chance to learn a photography (but one day I have to). Then in early 2013 I move all my writing to word press so now I couldΒ  find many new friends here. Hello YOU!!!

So, please friends, enjoy my small works here or you could see also my other works in . It is nice to meet you πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “It’s me!

  1. well you won’t be alone here….. word press family will love to take you in πŸ˜‰ your english is not so terrible , in fact it is good. which other language o you know ? love your blog.

    • Ya, I feel that. Thank you very much for your compliment. I force myself to write in English, with the hope that I could improve my english as good as you. Unfortunately I only could speak Bahasa Indonesia (mother tongue) and english, though I ‘ve ever learned Japanese and French, I forgot almost everything hahaha.

      • Haha English is my third language too and I don’t know it very well like you but I practice a lot now. I hope it will improve someday ! We are in the same boat you know πŸ˜‰

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