My Priceless Moment

Today I re-visited Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro @ sayapibubintaro together with # gerakanBERBAGI team. We celebrate the birthday of Berti. Berti is a strong child, he suffered hydrocephalusHe will become 10 years older tomorrow. This time is my second time in visiting them. At the beginning of my first step in entering this foundation, I am actually confuse, I have no idea what will I do. But however, each time I looked to these disabilities children, I really wanna touch and hug them. 

As soon as I get closer to them, then I am also interested in making interaction with them. Although some of these children could not speak, but I‘m sure they are very sensitive to physical touch.

In my first visit to this foundation, I spent a lot of time playing with Bella, Jelita, Ubay, Nurul, Ayu, as well as Umay and Ucup. Today I got a new friend who is Chintya. She is autistic girl and  at the same time she could not see. However, our playing game seems was so good. Today Umay got cold so she was not allowed to go out. I also had a chance to play with Bayu and Ali, 3 years old adorable boys, Bella the girl who likes to be photographed, Ucup and Putra as well. The new comer is a 3 months baby who also suffered hydrocephalus.

Although they only could speak a little, only could seat in their wheelchair, only could lay down in their bed or even their eyes could not see, but they are really interesting children. The most beautiful children that Allah ever created. Playing with them is always fun. I feel very content. I do not know why. It is just like a magic. I was about crying when Berti gives his smile while we are singing “Happy Birthday” . Other children is very happy as well. Never thought that you are the one who gives something for them by visiting them. I feel the opposite way, I am the one who have been given something by them. Their sincere smile, their cheerfulness, their happy looks is the best gift that I ever received. I have learned a lot from them. Miss them already. xoxo

Special thanks to Mb Ina the founder of #gerakanBERBAGI who always teach us to keep sharing. Yes, sharing is giving. For me, the more you give the more you get. Why are we afraid of loosing something by giving what we have to others? We are the one who willl get more, actually.

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8 thoughts on “My Priceless Moment

  1. Jazake Allah Khaire. Thank you for sharing your experiences – they really do look like very happy children and it must be a joy to spend time with them. When we give our time, we give ourselves – it’s the most precious of gifts.

      • You need to do a post with 7 interesting facts about yourself, plus nominate 15 other bloggers for the same award. You are supposed to do a link to my blog to say who nominated you, plus display the badge – you will see it all on my latest post. Only do it if you have time, otherwise just remember, I love your blog! 🙂

  2. A heart warming post that I really enjoyed reading. I work with people with disabilities and they just want to be treated like everyone else, like you say above, they have much to teach us. 🙂

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