One day I watched one of the talk show in our local news TV station. The topic was about The Happiness. The speaker is one of my favorites psychologist, his name is Alex Sriwirjono. The big question which is asked in the discussion wasΒ  “Are You Happy?”

Happiness is always be an interesting topic of conversation, I’m sure that everyone in this world wants to be happy and so do I.

“So how to find your happiness?”

He gave the best conclusion for how to find it. First, by the time we wake up in the morning, ask ourselves, what is our plan for today? Then, at night, ask ourselves once again before we go to sleep. Do we already achieve it or not? I think it is like a small review and we get a chance to talk to ourselves more often.

Then, the second is trying to look for the things that we could be thankful for. Every night, before we drift off to sleep, sayΒ  a thankful words for 3 simple things happened at that day to ourselves. I really like his idea. Because mostly we only focus on the big goals and sometimes we forget to see the “small important” things happened in our daily life.

We know that our day sometimes is not run smoothly. Perhaps something shit happened and it is beyond our control. However, if we want to think of, there are so many blessings from God that we should be thankful for.

Do we all realize? Every time we wake up at the morning, it is one of the blessing that we still could alive, God still gives us a chance to live. Then, have you ever notice, we could breathe and get the oxygen for free, we do not have to pay it, right? And there are still a lot more of “small” things that we could be thankful for.

So, is there any reason for us not to be happy? πŸ™‚

image: http://vimeo.com/11335940


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. The time to be happy is now! Too many times, we think, ‘I’ll be happy when …’ – always looking to the future without appreciating all the blessings we’ve been given now. Nice blog – I’ll be following you.

    • Yes, so true, I am agree with you. And in my opinion, it is fine for us to feel sad sometimes so that we would know how happiness feels. Thanks for your compliment Safia πŸ™‚

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