What A Beautiful World

I do love traveling and take a photograph. We would know The God is The Greatest by traveling around. We will be a witness that the world is so beautiful. THANK GOD for giving me the opportunity for every traveling that I made. I am so grateful :).

South Korea, 2012

I did not have enough preparation for this trip. Last year, I only planed to go to Komodo Island, but then by coincidence, I follow one of traveler writer who is Claudia Kaunang. At that time, she opened registration for South Korea Trip, so I registered my self and not expect too much because I know there were so many people register to join her trip. So, after I had a fix plan to travel to Komodo Island, then I received the email from CK. I was so excited, so I decided to go although I only had a minimun budget. My consideration was this trip would be my first trip going with the group and I could meet a lot of new people and the travel’s cost not so expensive :).

Han River


Somewhere in Seoul


Haemul Jjim dak


Namsan Korean Traditional Village


Teddy Bear Museumteddy museum
teddy museum2
Seoul from N-Seoul Towerkorsel
Nami Islandnami island2
Chicken Barbequechicken bbq
gyeongbok palace
seoul, south korea
King Sejong Statue
king sejong statue
Salam Restaurantsalam resto
salam resto2
salam resto3
SNSD at Hallyu GallerySNSD beauty town skin
Wonder Girls at Hallyu Gallerywonder girl
Full House Drama Seriesfull house
Lunch at Beauty Town Skin Anniversarybibimbap
beauty skin
Provence Mini Villagepoverge
provence hills
Ewha Woman Universityewha
Teokboki  at Ewha Marketteokboko
Garden of Morning Calmgomc2
moonlight garden
at Anguk Stationanguk station
Bukchon Hanok Villagepersonal taste

Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, 2012

I and my friend decided to visit Komodo Island since 2011. Yes, as Indonesian people, we are very proud because of The Last Dragon only could live in Indonesia. So, we decided to see what was The Komodo look like. At this moment we only have a chance to visit Labuan Bajo and went with the boat to several island around Komodo Island. There was no direct flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, we had transit in Bali and took smaller flight, we usually called it as “pesawat capung” from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo.

From Bali – Labuan Bajo

beautiful indonesia1

beautiful indonesia


Sunset at Pede Beach

sunset pede

On the way to the Islands

on the way to komodo island

Komodo at Rinca Island



At the top of Rinca Island

rinca island

The Beautiful Island

island of god

Pink Beach

pink beach

pink beach2

The Corals

the coral

The Sunset around Kalong Island

sunset kalong island

The Sunrise around Kalong Island

awakened by sunrise

Komodo Island

komodo island

Komodo at Komodo Island

Amie and Ayu

At pink beach

pink beach3

The Pirate


Our Boat

on the boat

Bidadari Island

bidadari island

bidadari island2

Labuan Bajo Port

labuan bajo

Sunset at Pede Beach

sunset pede2

sunset pede3


Nice view at Golo Hill Top

Golo hill

The Top of The Mountain

top of the mountain

Bali, Indonesia

Bali. I will understand if some people said that Bali is the best destination for the vacation. Yes, there are many beautiful places, and every year there are many new resorts, clubs open. Honestly, sometimes it was not good for the islands itself, in my opinion it was kind of exploitation. In 2009, I went to Bali for vacation, I still could enjoy the sunset at Kuta Beach by sitting at one of the cafetaria in one of the biggest mall at Kuta. In 2011, when I went to Bali for work, I mostly spent my time at Nusa Dua Resort Area, so at the last day when I still had a plenty of time before my flight depart, I decided to visit Kuta, then I shocked. There many people there, and the beach looked very dirty. I hope the government always maintain and has the best strategy to keep the originality of the island, the development itself could bring harm for the island if we only think about the money and the quantity.

Sunset at Kuta Beach, 2009

sunset kuta

Beautiful View from The Balcony at Laguna Beach Resort and Spa


Lotus Garden at Grand Hyatt Hotel

lotus garden hyatt

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel


Grand Hyatt Hotel


The Beach at Nusa Dua Beach

kite bali

nusa dua

wedding nusa dua



sunrise nusaduabeach

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

sunset at jimbaran

Sunset at Kuta Beach

sunset at kuta

Malang, East Java, Indonesia, 2010

Malang is the city where my grandparents live. Every year in Lebaran Day I and my family always went to Malang. When I was a child,  I always spent 1 month  at my grandparents’s house  to spend my school holiday. But when I grew up, the longest day I could take is around 5 days. So, in 2010 when I did not have something to do in Jakarta, I decided to go to visit my grandparents and stay for 1 month. At that time, my grand father still alive but he was very old and sick. I remembered how I try to talk to him at that time, and sometimes I assisted Bi Sumi in taking care my grandparents. When all the families already went back from Malang, I had a plan to go the place that I never visited before, and chose the place that could be reached by the public transportation, because I would go by my self.
Tugu Malang

tugu malang

Lotus Garden

lotus garden

Gereja Katolik Paroki Hati Ruhul Kudus


The Famous Toko Oen

the famous toko oen

GPIB Immanuel

GPIB Imanue;

Masjid Jami’

Masjid Jami

The Houses


The Badut Temple


The Singosari Temple


Sumberawan Temple

sumber awan



Balekambang Beach


Padang and Sikuai Island, West Sumatera Indonesia, 2009

I and my friends went to Padang in 2009. My plan was to go to Sikuai Island. But, we have no choice to visit Padang before we went to Sikuai Island. I never have a plan to go to Padang before, but knowing that Minangkabau area weather is so cool gave me another experience. So, we spent 3 nights at 3 different hotels. To visit the sikuai island, it would take only around 40 – 50 minutes by boat from the dock at A & W at Padang.

The View from Kelokan 33, Minangkabau


Jam Gadang

jam gadang

Grand Sianok

sianok bawah

sianok atas

Harau Valley


Sikuai Island

sikuai island3

sikuai island

sikuai island2

Let’s Go to The Top of The Island!!

puncak sikuai

From Above

from the top

At The Top of Sikuai Island

from the top of the island

Earthquake and Tsunami Detector

alat pendeteksi gempa dan tsunami


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