Treasure Found


I Just found one of my favorite songs that I like since I was in junior or senior high school. I know this song is one of the soundtrack of the TV series, but I do not even remember any scene of the drama series. However, all of a sudden I remembered the song and tried to look it up on you tube.

When I hear that song I feel both joy and sorrow. Maybe the lyrics of this song told about the meeting and the separation? Or Is it because the end of the story in the drama series not a happy ending? Today I do not intend to find out the story. I just want to enjoy this song by listening it many manyΒ  times. I feel like I am just finding my lost treasure.

This song is the theme song of the TV drama series titled Till We Meet Again. Taken from the novel Judith Krantz. The tittle of the song itself is My Life sung by Mireille Mathieu.

My Life

Here is the lyrics

My life will never be the same
My heart is burning without shame
I feel the sun in me
When you return, you’ll see a change

My heart is whispering your name
My love is coming once again
And I shall always be
All you believe, all you can dream
I’m not the same

Some people search all their lives
I feel that my turn has come to reach high into the sky
And finally a star shines on me
Finally I can touch eternity

My life will never be the same
Your love surrounds me once again
And this will rise and blow
And show me all I need to know

My heart is whispering your name
My love is calling you again
I wish you knew how true
My feelings are, only for you

Our lives will never be the same
My love’s an ever-lasting flame
Burning eternally for you alone
When you’re with me, in love again


4 thoughts on “Treasure Found

  1. thank you very much to you. i agree with “finding my lost treasure”. i’ve been looking many years to find out what tittle or the singer is. when i listening this song in my old cassete recoder, i decide to searching it once more and finally i found it. thanks to you who had written the lyrics

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