Obstacles or Challenges?

During my 34 years of life, I feel that life is not always fun. Whether we realize it or not start when we are born, be a baby, become a teen, and now as adult,  we would meet a thing called as a problem.

Maybe we do not remember, how did we learn to walk, most of us will start by crawling, but many of us could walk directly with both feet. But I believe, in the beginning we learned, we often fall, it is  for sure, but with the encouragement and help from our parents, we can finally walk and run :).

What about when we first learned to ride a bike? I am sure all of you could remember the event. Initially our parents will take off one small wheel. At that time, we would still be able to balance the bicycle. Next, our parents would remove another small wheel, so we had a trouble in balancing our bike. Then what? We fell, right? As I remembered, my knees got injured because of learning to ride a bike. But I did not think it was a problem, but I felt challenged, because my goal was to be able to ride two wheels bicycle. So, then finally I could ride it as a pro *no, I am just kidding*.

When I was elementary school student , I remember how difficult Cerdas Tangkas lesson was. Cerdas Tangkas is one part of the math lesson. Every night my father always taught me, sometimes I start to cry because my father was very stern when teaching a lesson to me. But finally, I was able to understand the lesson. Perhaps there is any of you who experienced the same thing.

Next, we went up into higher education level. I do not know your experience. Normatively, as we grow, our ability to solve a problem should also be developed. If I remember, when I was in college, I do not have a goal to get a very good achievement index, so in terms of the lessons I had no trouble. However, from the social side, I have learned to see the problem. I have to argue with my friends or my parents who have a different opinions about something but at the end we could have a win-win solution.

As I entered the working  life,  I faced many more problems than I ever imagined. Arguing with the boss who use improper words. The company’s  management which was very unprofessional. Meet co-workers who unresponsible with their tasks. Work on a tasks which was not my responsibility.  Meet the owner of a company who behave unfair to its employees, and many more other examples.

The problem also comes from social side. Unsucessful relationship with a men. The death of my father when my younger sister was still in high school, therefore I, my older sister and my mother had to cooperate in meeting the needs of our families and many more. Especially when I was still working and then decided to go back to college at that time, my brain got tangles, because I managed to add more problems in my life :).

If we want to look back, the problem has been there from the time of our childhood until now. Nothing has changed. But, there is the difference. What is it? The difference is our response in facing of the problem. Remember, when we learned to ride a bike? Actually we have trained ourselves to face the problem, how often do we complain that we see the difficulty of riding a bike? But at the end we managed it and the goal could be reached. But why now as adult, when we are  facing a problem, we feel like the world would tumble down, feel helpless, start to think to give up and hard to get up. We just have to do something as we did in our childhood. We have to keep moving forward so that we can get to the place where we want.

Which is often forgotten now, if we find a problem while we are moving forward, we feel exhausted and finally decide to stop. Ultimately, our goal is not achieved, and we can only regret. Some life experiences taught me that we should have a purpose in our lives, as well as being able to ride a bike. So, if we’re in the process of “learning to ride a bike” and “fall many times”, we can see it as a challenge, not as an obstacle, we only have to focus on our goal, until it is reached.
As the quote from the wise man below:uncomfortablesoul_tumblr_ld20q00bPx1qah2fqo1_500

Enjoy your life!! 🙂

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