Is It a Coincidence?


I’m sure everyone in this world has ever felt an event called as a coincidence. For example, when you wished for a pizza then suddenly your friend calls you and she says she will come to your house to deliver a pizza. Another example, one day you like one good product but you do not have the money to buy it and all of a sudden when you are having your birthday, you get it  from someone as a present.

One time I  angry with someone, but in my heart I wanted him to come and apologize to me. Suddenly my office’s receptionist informed me that there is a guest who would like to meet me. Yes my friend came just to say apology.

A few months ago something like that has occurred. I want to do a business and I had to buy one product to start it up. I do not have enough money to buy it. However, all of a sudden there was a very nice person came to me and lent me some money so I could start my the business.

The last few days, I think of someone, I just curious where is he and what does he do?  Because I did not see any update from his account in social media, and I do not have a courage to text him. All of a sudden he sent me a message. Just to convey me the news which I think it is not very urgent. Simultaneously, my friend told me something similar was happening to her. She kept thinking her delivery man on that day, because he just gave her some snacks that she likes, and at the moment she really needs help from him because my friend brought a lot of goods from the grocery store, and suddenly, her delivery man appeared in front of her. It is very coincidence. There are many more examples but I am sure one page is not enough to explain.

When I studied in psychology, I remember there is a term for this kind of phenomenon. Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, is the first modern thinker to explain this mysterious phenomenon. He mentions the term synchronicity. Jung found synchronicity is the principle of cause and effect in the universe, the law that moves humanity toward a greater awareness of growth.  Jung using the term “synchronicity” to describe the experience of two or more causally unrelated events being observed as happening together in a manner that is meaningful. Just as events can be grouped by their cause, so also they can be grouped by their meaning. This relationship of meaning is sufficient in and of itself to constitute synchronicity, and it is not necessary to find some causal relationship between the events (quote from various sources)

Anyway, I do not want to discuss or analyze it based on the psychology’s term. But I believe, if we are thinking and really want something, and we put our effort by trying and praying to achieve it, I am very sure that God will let it this happen to us. Yes, it is like a magic but we know that life is really full of magic. So, let’s enjoy our life.


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