These beautiful words are written by someone who I adore, at least for this moment. I just notice since mid of year 2012 that he could make such a good word, I do not know that he is aware of his ability or not. I hope I could tell him someday about what I am doing right now :).



Love’s like road. To find the one is long & winding but one to take to our parents is straight & easy like highway. 05:59 AM – 25 Jan 2013

The best of friend is one who tells your worst for the sake of keeping honesty, not the friendship. 04:22 PM – 12 Jan 2013

We’ll never know how precious someone is until the time we realize they are no longer there. 04:03 PM – 12 Jan 2013

Love is like chopstick, they always work together, useless if one of them is missing. 05:23 PM – 10 Jan 2013

Perhaps the reason for you not to quit this fight is simply because you are the life for many lives. 03:18 PM – 9 Jan 2013

The best feeling of love is the one left unspoken, brings joy to mind, runs through imagination & drives to be a better one.06:38 AM – 7 Jan 2013

Dalam pergaulan, carilah teman yg bisa diajak tertawa atau ditertawakan, karena kebahagiaan itu sederhana. 06:19 AM – 7 Jan 2013

If childhood were our history, our parents were the greatest historians ever. We may forget our history but never abandon people behind it, the ones who created the history, our precious, parents.

An angel landed and stayed with us for a favor. Things turned easier. We’re lucky. 01:45 AM – 29 Dec 2012

Love’s like a bus. You spend so long waiting for one, glad it arrives but you give it up for some more people waiting too. 10:16 PM – 25 Dec 12

Rain is like a music playing on our mind. It suddenly brings us to somewhere, some moment or someone. 4:20 PM – 25 Dec 12

When we miss a person, mostly we miss the good quality of our conversation. 4:10 PM – 25 Dec 12

Every relationship should truly be based on Friendship – less to expect & more to understand. 2:02 PM – 23 Dec 12

Learn to love someone the way your mother does, more precious than any diamonds, stronger than any commitment. 08:36 AM – 22 Dec 12

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. 07:42 AM – 22 Dec 12

Beauty is quite different from charm, beauty is what you notice in a woman, charm is when a woman notices you. 06:50 AM – 20 Dec 12

Parents. When we’re so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old. 10:40 PM – 9 Dec 12

Love is like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. 2:47 AM – 28 Nov 12

“How do you know when it’s love?” | “I don’t know, like the song you love to listen, it’s never important to know ‘How’, it just happens and you want it more” 00:06 AM – 17 Nov 2012

Love song opens up folder of memories, takes you there & keeps you away from reality. You repeat it over. 9:19 PM – 13 Nov 12

If this rain were meant to be a romance, I would get drown in the flood. 11:10 PM – 12 Nov 12

True love lies deep down the in bottom of your heart, it waits until you finally realize that to love someone shoud be effortless like the way you love yourself. 02:49 AM – 10 Nov 12

The best profession for a woman is fortune-teller. She can help you foresee your future through her presence. If you can, let her be a part of it. 11:52 PM – 9 Nov 12

A friend once asked “If night & day were your friends, which would be closer to you?” I replied, “I would like but one thing I know there’s no distance between us” 07:45 AM – 2 Oct 2012

Love is like rain. At first, you go out into it willingly and dance in it but once you are soaked down to the skin, you realize how cold it can truly be. 17 Sep 12

Words of silence echo through this quiet room. Just a portrait of imaginary future and dreams that won’t come true. We raise guns of pain to be defender of ego.

Parents. Everyone has one, everyone wants to be one and finally becomes one. But nobody wants to feel like one when they grow old; wasted, wounded, lonely, forgotten & abandoned…like our parents. If we have never loved someone unconditionally…. If we can’t love someone without expecting something in return If we can’t stand up to fight for our families, protect them from pain, shelter them through the stormiest weather, through life’s thick and thin…… We’ll never know how it feels to be parents….

True friends, Real Families never ask nor talk much. They know when to smile as well as feel pain one’s been through earlier before others. 5:20 PM – 6 Mar 10

No matter how far a man has gone away, there is always something to make him return to be what he’s worth for, heart. 11:30 PM – 29 Apr 11



No matter how you think life’s a bore, daily routine brings excellence in you. Life experience what matters the most. 07:28 AM – 30 Jan 2013

Morning always gives a promise of a new day when you feel excited to welcome it. 05:56 AM – 1 Feb 2013 05:56

Music is a good thing to turn to when fatigue comes. It takes you to a different place and let you view better scenery. 06:49 AM – 30 Jan 2013

Life is about changes we make to bring moments of delight for others. You’ll never know how important your job is. 03:51 PM – 25 Jan 2013

Life is like gamble. Win some, lose some. Though most the time you lose, it gives you a lesson to do it better. 06:03 AM – 25 Jan 2013

Life is a cup of coffee. The bitter and sweet comes together to keep you awake that you just have to go on. 05:51 AM – 25 Jan 2013

A little true happiness with a big impact passes us by when we’re too busy chasing for a big one. 02:08 PM – 22 Jan 2013

Relax, be present, be in the moment, embrace what’s happening to you now. Your being here today isn’t the plan you made. 01:54 PM – 22 Jan 2013

Being sarcastic by mocking people reveals your true characters, people don’t get impressed, just laugh with u or at you. 03:36 PM – 17 Jan 2013

Don’t be a year, being compared old & new. Don’t be a calendar, wasted as year goes by. Be the time, what people need. 06:45 PM – 15 Jan 2013

Business is when other people’s prosperity is much more important than yours because you know they would bring you more.

If we open our eyes, we’d see the blessings in disguise, that all the rain clouds are fountains, though our troubles seem like mountains. 02:36 PM – 9 Jan 2013

The problem about a self-reward is you’re gonna have to get through another hard work to get one again. 02:30 PM – 9 Jan 2013

A good leader is someone who asks you to do something and gives you a good reason why you have do it. 07:06 AM – 8 Jan 2013

The best life we live is the life we live to the fullest on our own design. 06:35 AM – 7 Jan 2013

Everybody deserves a good morning song because a day has never been easy between on the go & on the way back home. 06:13 AM – 7 Jan 2013

Weakness and strength are just on the other side of a coin. To flip it is just one creativity away. 07:01 PM – 5 Jan 2013

Happiness is when you get paid over something you effortlessly like and enjoy doing called passion. 06:58 PM – 5 Jan 2013

Wise people think all they talk, fools talk all they think. Are you wise or fool? 08:28 PM – 4 Jan 2013

A real man makes his decisions and lives with the consequences. 5:21 PM – 25 Dec 12

Like a tyre on a dirt track, people need pressure to stand tall &;tough. When it’s bad, bounce back! 2:07 PM – 23 Dec 12

Smile is a make up one wears to hide sadness, laugh is best medicine to heal wound. But there’s 1 thing that never lies, Truth. 01:54 PM – 23 Dec 12

Everybody deserves a second chance but not everybody gets a second chance. Lucky those who do. 01:48 PM – 23 Dec 12

Life is like a balloon. The more pressure we have, the bigger we are but more fragile it makes us too. 01:46 PM – 23 Dec 12

Hidup itu spt kaca Spion. Terlalu sering liat ke belakang jadi gak fokus ke depan, nabrak deh. 01:43 PM – 23 Dec 2012

Problem is like Red light, It stops you from moving but just for a moment. 01:41 PM -23 Dec 12

Time sets all plans. Some vanish, some turn to reality, some are best kept until fortune says so. Fortune is above all. 12:16 AM – 23 Dec 12

Journey of a man’s life begins and ends at home. In between, he learns about motivation, hard work & struggle. 09:10 AM – 22 Dec 12

As long as you laugh at your troubles, you may be sure you will never run out of something to laught at. 02:34 PM – 20 Dec 12

Nobody wants to be blamed for a loss, but everybody wants to get a credit for a victory. 05:23 AM -20 Dec 12

There’s nothing wrong with an ending, it just comes too soon. 11:32 PM – 18 Dec 12

Never let time erase bad memories, they help you to never return there nor make the same mistake, for a better you. 12:22 PM – 17 Dec 12

Bersyukurlah dgn rasa bosan. Dari situ lahir ketidakpuasan yg menggerakkan kreativitas utk melahirkan inovasi.4 :18 PM – 7 Dec 12

Sometimes it’s wise to look weaker just to make someone look stronger 10:24 AM – 4 Dec 12

If life is a campus, patience is a lesson we take every semester. The problem is, we never finish to learn . 10:47 AM – 28 Nov 12

Life is like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself. 3:16 AM – 28 Nov 12

Two ways to be grateful: 1. Reminisce your lowest point in the past 2. Listen with heart to your friend’s unfortunate stories. 11:44 PM – 23 Nov 2012

Through the long and winding roads, ups and downs of bumpy roller coaster ride, life has put the best experiences for us to embrace. Remember the good times, learn from the bad ones, for they’ll never happen again in our lives. Each memory is worth keeping. 03:30 AM – 23 Nov 2012

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change. 02:46 AM – 17 Nov 12

The saddest thing about future is you have to save as much money as possible for the days that keep getting less. 10:14 PM – 12 Nov 12

A small thing to you means a big thing for others and nothing to you brings a thing for those who have never had. Nothing is wasted. 12:55 AM – 11 Nov 12

Rain pours down heavily. Angels cry from above for happiness you feel, for thankfulness you keep, for pain you’ve been through. You learn. 2:58 AM – 9 Nov 12

God never promises how long you have to wait for whatever you’ve been waiting for. It’s never about getting it but it’s how long you can hold on to. You learn. 02:49 AM – 9 Nov 12

Behind every pain, there’s a light that guides you to learn that the joy of life happens when you wholeheartedly accept unfortunate things; you learn. 2:42 AM – 9 Nov 12

Time passes by so quickly that makes us realize that life isn’t about reaching destination but it’s about how we embrace every moment and enjoy the journey before it ends. 02:45 AM – 8 Nov 12

Life goes on when you’re miles away and don’t realize as time rolls on like night slowly steals the day. 11:50 PM – 8 Nov 12

Mari bekerja dgn ketulusan & keikhlasan, dua wujud rasa syukur utk hidup, maka akan diberi-Nya lebih.

Every man makes mistake. But he’ll get up from the fall, stand up through a heavy rain downpour, shout out in the storm to learn that every lesson is worth getting through.

Time. No one pays a great respect of it until they’re running out of it. Nobody hates it until they have something fun spending it. Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to Cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.

What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.

In the end, it’s never about how good you are in life but it’s more about how you make good things through life. 02:14 PM – 2 Oct 12

Laut yg tenang tidak melahirkan pelaut yang handal. Bertahan dan hadapilah setiap tantangan! 04:03 PM – 2 Oct 2012

Monday is like a music you decide to listen to, you have the control of what you want to have & enjoy. 1 Oct 12

Di tengah berbagai kompleksitas hidup, kemampuan berpikir simpel itu anugrah. Mari berusaha! 04:59 PM – 30 Sep 2012

Be careful with what you dream of, it may happen just at the moment you’re about to leave it all behind. 9:53 PM – 25 Sep 12

Music has been a good companion in every situation. A good thing we can learn is, it only gives, without expecting a return. 11:53 PM – 23 Sep 12

Home is one that waits for you a lifetime. No matter how far you go, what you’ve been through today. It’s there for you. 11:48 PM – 16 Sep 2012

Why do we miss the past just because one beautiful story had happened and we think it’s better than the present? Why do we give up the future for so many more beautiful stories to happen? 07:40 PM – 9 Sep 2012

Tanpa disadari, tiap hari kita jadi pribadi yg makin baik, karena alam jadi sahabat terbaik yang memberi pelajaran hidup. 02:33 AM 15 Sep 2012

Semua orang ingin perubahan, tapi tidak semua oanrg berusaha melakukan perubahan, hanya bekerja, bukan berkarya. 9:29 AM – 9 Sep 12

Semua orang bekerja, tapi tdk semua orang tanggung jawab unttk pekerjaannya, tanggung jawab; komitmen itu karya terbesar. 9:24 AM – 9 Sep 12

Sesuatu itu lebih mudah dijalankan dibanding dipikirkan, percaya saja dgn kekuatan yg menuntun ke jalan yg baik, selama kita baik. 9:41 PM – 4 Sep 12

We’re born a Champion. Everyday, we battle, we fight, we struggle to stand up for our thing called ‘Better Life’. 7:55 AM – 3 Sep 12

In term of sharing your problem, there are two kinds of friend. One who listens and understands for whatever weakness you have in that problem, the other is one who even makes you feel guiltier for being who you are with that problem. 3 Sep 12

The secret of success is to start from a scratch and keep scratching. 12:43 AM – 2 Sep 12

Time has been #1 enemy for every work with deadline. But mostly, we waste too much of it thinking rather than starting to act.  11:08 AM – 1 Sep 12

Music interferes between fatigue & loneliness in a strange room. There’s a band of gold that shines somewhere in a blink of an eye when you realize life is all about being grateful.

Maybe eyes are the windows of the soul, but that still doesn’t make the mouth a door to the brain. 12:32 AM – 14 Nov 10

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. Let them change, I remain. 07:47 PM – 25 Jun 10


Cartoon faces and emotions for humor or comics design

Duduk manis di teras, tataplah hujan, jgn pedulikan masalah, spt hujan turun menatap dan gak peduli padamu. 04:16 PM – 12 Jan 2013

Buat pria, punya mobil byk itu spt Poligami; Biaya bengkak, keinginan besar, blm tentu bisa ngerawat. 08: 18 AM – 28 Jan 2013

People say “You’ll look old when u lack of sleep”. I Does having more sleep bring your teenage years back? 07:03 AM -30 Jan 2013

Sebenci2nya org sama pemimpin Libya itu, sekalipun dah gak ada, mrk masih hormati dia dgn manggil “Kak Dhafi” 04:01 PM – 25 Jan 2013
Damn, coffee makers turn racist nowadays. Some make black coffee and others produce white koffee. 06:37 AM – 25 Jan 2013

If your girlfriend tells you “Leave me alone! I need some space!” You can refer her to a billboard “Space available”. 06:16 AM – 25 Jan 2013

FB is still a good way to find your long-lost friend and has successfully made him a business man too, on the wall. 06:14 AM – 25 Jan 2013

Facebook will be a shopping mall. You can find all products displayed on your wall, they want you to be a consumer & salesman at same time. 05:51 AM – 25 Jan 2013

Good morning, if coffee doesn’t wake you up for work, try thinking about bills & expenses. 05:41 AM – 25 Jan 2013

Nemuin hipotesa baru, kenapa jadi macet itu krn semua mobil disekeliling kita bergerak ke arah yg sama. 09: 58 PM – 21 Jan 2013

Cari wanita yg spt gandengan truk, ngikut kmn aja sm yg mimpin. Kiri-kanan, Jln rusak berliku setia mendampingi. 08: 40 AM – 21 Jan 2013

Miss Indonesia, Miss Celebrity, Miss Universe. Ladies are long lining up. Why do they wanna be Miss instead of Mrs?

Women are greedy, want everything from the same man while men are so simple, just want the same thing, from every woman. 05:13 PM – 17 Jan 2013

“Korean Festival”. Used to remind us of food & cultural festivity but now some guys singing in winter outfit, in hot season. 12:59 PM – 1 Jan 13

The only chance to travel so far, fast and cheap without feeling guilty of neglecting the present is “to imagine”. 09:56 PM – 4 Jan 2013

Why does Prince Charming never show up when women expect him? Because he’s busy looking for a Prince Charming too. 09:45 PM – 4 Jan 2013

Why do we pray more on plane than on ground? The chance to be granted is much bigger, we’re 23.000 feet closer to God. 09:41 PM – 4 Jan 2013

Some people believe in love at first sight, others believe in taking another look in hopes to find love at first sight *repeatedly* 09:39 PM – 4 Jan 2013

Women worry about things men forget while men worry about things women remember. 10:05 PM – 25 Dec 12

Everybody is writing a book now. I’m gonna do it too, I’m thinking of a title, “How everybody writes a book” 11:35 AM – 24 Nov 2012




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