When you hear the word music, what comes into your mind? You would answer a song, tone, rhythm and others. According to wikipedia,  music is a sound that received by the individual and varies based on the history, location, culture and tastes of a person. True definition of music is also an assortment of the sound/impression of something that was captured by auditory; a work of art with all elements of the subject and his supporters; all sounds are produced intentionally by a person or group and served as the music.

So, everyone in this world would  know about the music, even all the people who live in the inland. Although they do not know the musical instruments like a piano, guitar and others, they managed to create a rhythm with the equipment they had, one of whom (if anyone ever heard) with leaves as well. Read the news here:

For me who was born and raised in the city of Jakarta and surrounding areas, got to know the music from radio, television, the internet and others. I remember when I was a child, my dad often sang an old songs and played with his guitar. Every morning, my parents always turned on the radio to hear the old songs , especially on a holidays. When we had a family gathering, sometimes we sang and dance together. Many of my cousins are capable of playing an musical instruments. As for me, I only capable of playing flute and pianika but I still love the music so much. Although not as a professional, I also  enjoy myself in singing a songs even though it is only in the bathroom. Luckily, now we could find any karaoke places, so I could express my hobbies in singing.

When I was a student, I also more quickly understand the lessons when I was studying and at the same time I was also listening a songs. So, now, while I am  working I also more likely to listen a good songs, it could help me in lowering my stress level. 

Music is close to my love life as well. When I feel sad and heartbroken, I like to listen a songs that have a same meaning with my love life. It could become my problem solving to cope my sadness. But instead, the song also could be my mood booster. For me, the music is beautiful, so that every night I still listen to the songs until I fall asleep. So how about you? How big does the musical influence to your life?