Now it is already year 2012. I ask my self, should I make the new resolution? It is not even new :D. Yes, there are many things I have planned last year and even now has not been achieved. Did I feel depress? Did I feel depress? Hmmm, if someone asked me that question around 2 years ago, I certainly will answer yes, I really depressed, how come all the people could achieve and have what they want meanwhile I could not? But fortunately, God sent good people around me and gave me his lesson.

So in this year 2012, I decide not to make any single resolution. How come? Maybe many people will ask me the question? And I will answer that from now on I will try to enjoy what I have at the moment, be grateful for that and try to give and share a love that I have.

A lesson I learned is don’t ever compare our lives with others, you never know how they go through their life. It is better to see on yourself, there is only one of you in this universe, you are unique. So, love yourself.


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