It has been 1 year since my last written. After all the years, there are many things happened in my life and I think it was not an easy situation to face. I got terminated unilaterally from my previous company, we as an employee got no paid for more than 3 months. When I think about what was happened almost in the past two years in my life, I could  not imagine, how could I live without any income? I started to think that I  should do something. When I realized that the company was not in a good condition, I and my friend started to sell something to get a money. I made some necklaces, I learned the basic technique from my  friend. Then, I could make it with my own creativity. I also sold some Batik clothes. Anyway, I am blessed  because I could get a money from  my selling.

In the other side, we (I and friends) always tried to get our money back from the company. We did a procedural things and asked our employer to solve the problem together. But they did not give a good response. Then, on January 2010, we found that we did not have a place to work anymore. Our chairs, tables, and all the computers was already cleaned. We all felt so angry. So, I was jobless and tried to look for another job. But at that time, I had not finish my study yet. I thought maybe it was a sign from Allah that I had to focus on making a mini thesis . Then I chose to finish it. I had to go to campus frequently to consult with my mentor or maybe just went to library to look for some books and updated journals. So could you imagine, how could I handle it? But, fortunately, Alhamdulillah, I could. Maybe it was like a magic. In the other side, we (I and my colleague) still tried to get our money back from the company. Ya, we used the independence non profit law institution, LBH.

Finally, only in four months I finished my study. I am so thankful to Allah that Allah let me to do it. I was so relieve because I could move on another goals. I had to get a job. It was not easy to say it. I felt that I have nothing. At my age, I had not  married yet, so what could I show to the people if I am also had no job? That things could drive myself to move forward. Then, I got a job, in one of Production Hose in Jakarta. My friend has been working here since Jun 2010 as the Assistant of the Director  and I was being there as her assistant. This was not my dream work actually but I had to convince myself that this was my first gate that I had to enter. Allah already had a plan for all humans. I am very sure, that I will get mine soon or later. One day I got the interview in one of the big garment factory in Jakarta, they was offering me a position that I have been dream about, but the company is very far from my house. So, I was still considering  it. Then, I got the opportunity in one of Japanese Newspaper in Jakarta, although it was not my dream job but the salary is good enough  and I think I could also improve my English by working there. I am still remember that I felt so grateful that finally I got the job. Once again, Allah let me to get it.

What I am amazed is I felt like Allah really answer all my prayers. I always ask in orderly that I want to finish my study first, get a job and married. I could prove it that one by one, Allah gave me what Allah think is the best for me.

Although until now I have not get all my money back from my previous company, I still believe that if Allah let me to have it, soon or later I will get it, but if not, I have to try to release it. So now, all I can do is still trying to ask my previous employer to settle all my outstanding salaries then try to release is and let Allah finish it.

I believe that Allah always beside me as close as I could never imagine, so we just have to do what Allah already planned for us. Allah has our blue print, so, we do not have to worry about anything. Just hope for the best in our lives and let Allah make it come true. Just believe it, when you think your prayer is not answered yet, soon or later it will be answered. Allah knows the best for us, Allah always gives what we need not what we want.