The above title is same as the movie title played by Julia Roberts. But the story is definitely different.  Although, there were many my best friend who already married before,  I only choose both of you guys, because you two are a newly wed. So, sorry, please don’t be angry if you feel this story is just like yours because IT IS 🙂

HER Wedding

wedding ring

We can call her HER. Maybe she never dreams that she would get married in this year but we never know, it is all written by the God. I already know her for about 14 years. She is one of my best friend in Senior High. So, I know a bit about her love life story. There were time when we do not always stick together but as far as I know her, she is kind of a hard worker and career woman. She achieve it with her strong and brave heart.

When she was a teenager, she was dating with some guys. But all her relationship could not work out. She was ever making a serious relationship with a man. I knew him also. Unfortunately, they could not be together for several reasons. After that, I never know about her love life, but I know she opened her heart to everyone. Maybe there were one, two men crush on her but still she needed a chemistry to love someone and with her parents approval.

I do not remember when did she exactly know her husband. All I remember, this issues was hot about 4 months ago. On March, after I finished with my sister’s wedding, my others best friend called on me and told that HER wants to get married. I was surprised. I am happy for her but at the other side, I was asking to myself ‘when my time will come?’ She knew her husband now from her friend. Her husband is Malaysian citizen. She knew about her husband condition and she could accepted it. It was great.

So, only for couple a month she made a preparation for her wedding. It made her so busy, therefore I and my friends could not meet her frequently before her wedding. But we are invited to come to midodareni. Midodareni is a kind of ceremony process before the wedding start. It is like family introduction. One of the rules at midodareni is HER and her future husband do not allow to meet each other. I found that she is so in love with him. Because, at that night, she showed her desire to see (even only) her lover face. She got panic when her lover did not reply her message.  Finally, the wedding party is over and now her husband brings her along to his country.

HIS Wedding

teddy bear

My other  friend is HIM. Same as HER, I know him for about 14 years old. We usually have a good time together. With all other friends, we are sometimes going  to take a vacation.  Although I know him from very long time ago but we are become closer since I stay in my sister’s house and after he moved to Jakarta from Solo. It was about 2 years ago. At the time, my others friend got busy with their own business, so I, HIM and my other closest friend often spend our Saturday night together. We called that we are Jomblo Bahagia at that time. Spent time and shared our life story (mostly our love life story).

He is a nice person. He is a good listener and (sometimes) be a mean frankly speaker when I got fall in love with a wrong person. I only know a bit about his love life. He was dating a few women but all this relationship did not work out.  In the past two years, as far as I know he did not have a girl friend. So when he told that he fell in love with a girl, we all were so happy to hear that.

Although I and my friends knew the girl, we never knew her. After our last meeting on July which is the birthday of one other my closest friend, I never meet him again. I could not come to his birthday party, but as I know, from that day, he got more serious relationship with his girlfriend. We confuse why did he never join to our activities? Finally, I know the reasons why. It was all his choice and at the other side, I did not want to ruin his happiness. I know that is all his wanted.

So, finally we heard that he was preparing for his wedding. Once again, I am happy to hear that. What I regret the most is he never introduces his future wife with us even until his big day. As a good friend, I respect his decision.

For my dear friends, no matter where you are, I only wish that you both always be happy although we could never meet just like before.


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