Yes, about a week ago, I already passed my thesis trial. It was last for 2 hours. It was not scary as I thought.

Both of my examiners were fine and nice, and also funny. All I could remember, the ambience was relax. They asked me some questions then I answered and give the explanation of course. I realize that my thesis is still need an improvement. So, when they were asking me why don’t you bla bla bla bla. All I could do was saying yes, you right mam and I gave some reasons why did I do this, do that, and Voila!!  Yes, I could make it.

Now, I still rush in making a revision, but for many times, my mentor keeps saying that I made a great job and my thesis was very good. I am very appreciate for her opinion although I myself never felt that it was my best job. But once again, Syukur Alhamdulillah. Allah let this happen to me, so I could make it.

Thanks to Allah, my Mom, my alm. Dad, my sisters and brothers in law, my nieces and nephew, all my best friends. It is all because all of you.


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