I bet that everybody wants to go abroad someday, and so do I. Among those beautiful countries around the world, I really want to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I do not exactly know what is the reasonΒ  but I think the country is so unique, where the east and the west, the ancient and the modern meet. I am very sure that there are so many destination to go to.


Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built by Sultan Ahmed in the early 1600s. It also known as the Blue Mosque, with six minarets and cascading domes, is one of the most famous religious buildings in the world.


Bosphorus in Rumeli. One of the most popular part in Istanbul. You could see Bosphorus Bridge, which is linking Europe and Asia. There are also cruises so that you could see many beautiful sights of this area, such as palaces, buildings, etc


In Kilyos, you will find a beautiful beaches. You may also have a grill feast for a lunch or dinner in its countryside restaurants.


Hagia Sophia. The building was originally constructed as a church. Then it was converted into a mosque. Then, by following government’s order it was converted into a museum. You could find a long its history in the internet.


Kumburgaz Beach. There are many hotels around the beach. From the cheapest to the most expensive one.

There are many more places that we can visit. If you interested in then you can click on the link Since I took all these pictures from the internet, I am sorry if I have uploaded the wrong pics and thank you for the photographer of this pics, yes I am using your photograph :) .

I hope someday, one of my dreams can come true. I only have a plan but I am sure the God must have a definite plan for me. Therefore I will remain positive thinking. Aamiin!!!


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