What will happen in 2012? Is it could be the end of the world? Based on Mayan calendar, we know that ranging from 1992 to 2012, our earth will enter a period of “Great Cycle” which happens every 5200 years, which is the closure of the last stage. It is also called “Earth Changes.” In the Mayan culture have also been predicted that by the year 2012 the earth’s magnetic field will also changes.

I do not know that it will really happen or not. But I just wondering If I could be the eye witness, what will I do? Could I be survive? Do I still alive after all the “changes”? Although I ask about it for many times I am very sure that no one could answer it. So I decide to do all the things that I could do.

1. Do my Unfinished business

Everybody always have many goals in their life and so do I. Unfortunately, I am not a person who could be consistent in reaching my goals. I found my goals at my late 20 of ages. People said  ‘it is better late than never’, but sometimes all the words is not true. I find that I already wasted my time. Now, I am still searching for my degree, my career and my love. I am very sure that I could achieve it but it is better for you to set your goals as soon as you can.

2. Be good to everyone

Yes, it is true. To everyone, it is including the one you hate. It is not always been easy when you get hurt but you have to still be kind to someone who already hurting you. The only thing that you want to do is taking a revenge. But believe me, although you have thought that you already made a good plan and it all work. But, still, a revenge will not make your heart relieve. So, let’s forgive and forget.

3. Be a nice person

We were all born as a nice person. But when you grown up and had interacted with many other people and also faced a hard situation, sometimes you could become a bad person. Tell me, how often do you talk about someone’s else problem behind her or his back? How often do you talk about the ugliness of others? How many person that you label as ‘a not good person’? I will not answer that questions, but now I really want to try to say only a good words and only do something good.

4. Be grateful for what I have

I make a confession here. When I faced a difficult situation and saw that many people out there are success, I feel so envy. But the more I get jealous the more I make myself down. So, I decide to get up and try to put my self in others shoes. Everybody has their own problem. It is not about how much money do we have, how often do we go abroad, how many jewelry do we have. It is about how you feel about your life. Do you want to feel a happiness or a sadness? Do you want to see a positive or negative side? It is all your choice.

Sometimes people change when they feel there is no time anymore in their life.



I bet that everybody wants to go abroad someday, and so do I. Among those beautiful countries around the world, I really want to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I do not exactly know what is the reason  but I think the country is so unique, where the east and the west, the ancient and the modern meet. I am very sure that there are so many destination to go to.


Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built by Sultan Ahmed in the early 1600s. It also known as the Blue Mosque, with six minarets and cascading domes, is one of the most famous religious buildings in the world.


Bosphorus in Rumeli. One of the most popular part in Istanbul. You could see Bosphorus Bridge, which is linking Europe and Asia. There are also cruises so that you could see many beautiful sights of this area, such as palaces, buildings, etc


In Kilyos, you will find a beautiful beaches. You may also have a grill feast for a lunch or dinner in its countryside restaurants.


Hagia Sophia. The building was originally constructed as a church. Then it was converted into a mosque. Then, by following government’s order it was converted into a museum. You could find a long its history in the internet.


Kumburgaz Beach. There are many hotels around the beach. From the cheapest to the most expensive one.

There are many more places that we can visit. If you interested in then you can click on the link http://www.visitistanbul.org/index.php/turkiye. Since I took all these pictures from the internet, I am sorry if I have uploaded the wrong pics and thank you for the photographer of this pics, yes I am using your photograph :) .

I hope someday, one of my dreams can come true. I only have a plan but I am sure the God must have a definite plan for me. Therefore I will remain positive thinking. Aamiin!!!


I already live in Indonesia for 30 years. I am not saying that I do not enjoy my life time here; I really have a good time. But as I grow old, I found that life is not that easy. I experienced sadness when I broke up with my boyfriend, but I feel more sadness when I have to lose my father. I feel rejected when I found that my boyfriend was cheating on me but I feel being more rejected when I found that someone that I love already had a decision to make serious a relationship with the other girl. I feel disappointed when I was not chosen as one of a member of choir in my campus but I feel more disappointment when I could not pass a recruitment process in one of a big well-known company.

There were so many problems happened in my life, I feel that life is not fair. I am angry to everything. I saw that the world hates me. I feel tired, helpless, I feel that I want to give up my life. But is it happen because I make my life so dramatically? So what will happen if I saw that all those problems as a gift, I saw it as a appreciation, I saw it as a trust that Allah have gave me.

I am glad that I still believe in Allah. Although I ever mad to Allah. Allah never hates me, Allah always gives me a chance to live more each day. My parents told me that Allah always hear us, Allah never sleep. Then, after my contemplation, I know that I have the answer. I am the one who responsible for my life. What I already did in the past was all my decision. Allah always gives me an opportunity but I never using it seriously. I have to be more thankful for everything in my life. I should not give up when there are many obstacles in my life. I have to deal with it. That is why life is called a life. We have to be alive, fight for our life.

When I look around, see that there are still other people who suffer than me, that’s the reason that I have to be thankful and grateful for everything. Now, I have to say that I thankful for my normal 5 senses, fresh air that I breath, for all my family, for all my friends, for my education, for a place to live in, for a food that provided, for the sunshine, for the moon and the star that enlighten the night, for the beautiful sight likes sunrise, sunset, the sea, the mountain, the trees etc, for the universe, for everything that I don’t even aware and for  A LIFE.

Thank you Allah for saving my life.