For My Beloved Mom

I am too selfish to say these words for you mom, may be I am too scare to know that your love is more than mine.
God, please forgive me. I never mean to hurt her. But in my heart, inside, I am the one who know nothing, who don’t be grateful for all the things.
But truly, honestly, deeply……
I want to see her happy, smiley, healthy and I really…..really….desperately want to give her my everything.
I am only human, a child who still don’t know which way that I have to choose.
But I believe in you God.
Please forgive me for all the things that I did to her, for the words that I said to her, for nothing that I gave to her.
Please forgive me God. Then let her know that I LOVE HER so much more than anything in this world.